<£500 / $600

Build time

About 2-3 days

Run time

4-8 weeks

Broken promise Test

Secret / exclusive closed coming soon beta.


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More info

Secret / exclusive closed coming soon beta. By telling your new subscribers they are part of an exclusive group of users - you are actually measuring if they share this with others. This approach allows you to test virality of your product. Create a dedicated web page with a call-to-action. On the thank-you page or in follow-up communication, the copy explicitly asks the registrant NOT to share the idea with others. After some time passes, you compare the original list of people you contacted with the actual list of signups. Anyone who wasn't in your original list of people you told about the idea is counted as a referral.


Measurable items

• Conversion rate (email signups) • Number of shares • Average shares per person • Conversions based on traffic source

Business model

SAAS, digital product, hardware


✅ Easy to update as you learn more ✅ Ability to acquire email addresses ✅ Test the virality of your product before you launch ✅ Understand the desirability - people sharing is a strong sign


❌ You need to have a very compelling product in order to encourage people to share it. ❌ Requires more time to implement correctly in order to track UTM codes so you know if people have shared the url. ❌ Some plugin tools can be expensive.

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