<£250 / $300

Build time

About 2-4 days

Run time

1-3 weeks

Pre-order form (Mock Sale)

Create a mockup of a product(s) on a website.


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More info

Create a mockup of a product(s) on a website. The user selects the item they wish to purchase and provides their details - if the user completes and submits the form it's a positive sign of desirability. If you have multiple pricing tiers then make them select the pricing tier or if it's a physical product ask for the spec and the quantity. Tell the user they will be notified when it's ready and payment will be taken at that point.


Measurable items

• Number of pre-order forms submitted • Click through rate • Views of pricing options • Email addresses provided • Conversions based on traffic source

Business model

e-commerce, digital goods, B2B, Services


✅ There is no pressure to ship the item because no money has been exchanged. ✅ Positive sign of desirability when form has been submitted ✅ Quick and cheap to create


❌ Not a sure sign they will actually follow through and pay when the time comes.